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2021 Support Unleashed!

The latest TTS software adds support for 2021 Harley-Davidson Touring, Softail, and XL models.

TTS MasterTune is the premier EFI tuning product for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. We are proud to announce that our latest release has key advantages for the 2021 model year over the competitors:

  • Faster data collection.
    Collect data over 4 times faster than the competitors.
  • Torque control tuning provided exclusively by TTS.
    Take full advantage of the newer models' capabilities using our free WEB service designed specifically for torque controlled motorcycles.
  • Ready-made tunes for many aftermarket mods.
    Use ready-made tunes out-of-the-box or as a starting point to create your own custom tune.
  • Greater access to ECM adjustments.
    MasterTune allows greater access to the ECM adjustments than the competitors. This allows for a higher quality finished calibration to be done.
  • Saves multiple copies of calibrations for backup.
    Stock calibration and tuning calibration are stored on both the PC and the interface for safe keeping.
  • Up to 8 hours of data collection
    Interface allows for up to 8 hours of data collection while riding the bike for fine tuning with real street data, or to find that one trouble spot that only happens on the highway.
  • Maximum speed limit for all calibrations.
    All supplied calibrations have the Max. Vehicle Speed Limit raised to 168 MPH standard.
  • Real Time Cell Trackers
    MasterTune/DataMaster Exclusive Real Time Cell Trackers when tuning VE, Spark, EGR, Torque tables and more!

Download the latest software to get started tuning your 2021 H-D motorcycle today!

Greater access to ECM adjustments MasterTune Menu Screenshot

MasterTune Chart Screenshot

Real Time Cell Trackers DataMaster Recording Screenshot